The Trading Center

"I have been using the Live Trading Room for about three months now, as well as the Fibonacci technical indicators. I am very impressed by the quality of both. Though I have been trading equities for 20 years and forex for two, I have learnt a great deal. The atmosphere in the room is serious but friendly. Questions are answered promptly and questioner always treated with respect. ..." Ernest Hammond

The Trade Center

Open 24 HRS a day
The trade room is the epicentre of our Trading Center, bringing together the professional moderators, institutional software tools, the latest up to the second news and real time data releases and our valued retail traders In addition each moderator is highly skilled in using the Tiger Time Lanes to make their trading decisions. What makes the group particularly interesting is each trades in a different manner, employing different strategies and styles, covering both short term scalping and longer term trades. In addition all the moderators post any trades that they enter, into the room announcements, so that you can take the trades as well. On average the moderators generate net calls of between 300-500 pips per week with a success rate of approximately 85%.
Live sessions

There is no better way to get a grip of the market than to listen to a live trading session where the current market conditions are analysed and live trades are taken where you can watch entries, adjustments and exits as they happen with explanations of why.

Every trading day there are two live “mic” sessions. One covering the London session from 9.30-10.30am (4.30-5.30am EST) and another covering the New York open 1.30-2.30pm (8.30-9.30am EST).


Institutional software for retail traders

The Trade Center runs out TimeLanes charting software giving you advanced professional trading solutions at your fingertips to help accurately predict Forex and Indices movement.

The TimeLanes is a unique software tool that enables traders to more easily predict what will happen to price over various different time frames and see developing forex trading signals across multiple pairs at a glance. The information from the individual time frame is arranged into neat track / lane and when a individual’s currency pair’s tracks / lanes are aligned together it forms a grid.

See the trade setups as they develop and anticipate the next phase following the full progression of the trading cycle. Seeing is believing and results speak for themselves with our Live Forex Trading Room generating an average of 200-300 pips per week just from moderators calls.

Real time news and economic data releases

Risk Off

As a trader you will know how vital it is to keep up to date with what happening in the world. A single tweet from President Trump can easily power up or wreck your carefully crafted trade. Knowing what is happening is incredibly important and understanding certain news is affecting the market even more so.

That his why our Trading Center has a 24hr news service providing up to the second news and Real Time economic data release so that not only can you react quickly to changing events but actually start to use them to your trading advantage

News Trading

The real time economic data release provides you with the opportunity to to trade the news. Events like NFP , Retail Sales and GDP figures are huge market movers on release! Getting the news even a minute after release is often too late to capitalise. That is why we bring the data release as they happen. At the same time that the Banks and institutional traders get them giving you the same advantages to get in on the initial moves.

The social benefits

Pay it forward attitude

We hope you will find the trade room itself is made up of l ike minded traders conversing, sharing their trading strategies and their calls.

One of the first thing you will notice about the Trade Center is the camaraderie that exists between traders. We think it is important aspect of trading as it relaxes the individual and helps them to feel that they are not alone. Many are experienced traders, and often pre-empt the moderators calls and place their own calls based on their own time lanes strategies. A good few making trading their primary income stream.

If you are new don't let that put you off We are very lucky in that most of the experienced traders have a 'pay it forward' attitude and get as much pleasure out of helping new traders become successful as they do out of their own trading success. Most will be happy to lend you their ear and usher you toward becoming a good and consistent trader. While on the flip side, if you are already a confident trader then you will find yourself right at home.

Support Desk

If you have any problems be they technical or just general you can email us, PM us in the Trade Center or call us...

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