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Bringing Institutional Software To Retail Traders

The Tiger TimeLanes is charting system, rigorously tested in the "hot house atmosphere" of the forex trading desks at Citibank,, the forex TimeLanes were first brought to the retail trader exactly 10 years ago by us at Forex Traders Corp! By doing this it has allowed ordinary traders the opportunity to use the tools professional traders use to trade the markets!

The TimeLanes software is unique in that it that enables traders to more easily predict what will happen to price over various different time frames and see developing forex trading signals across multiple pairs at a glance. The information from an individual time frame is arranged into neat track / lane and when a individual currency pair’s tracks / lanes are aligned together it forms a grid.

How are The Tiger Time Lanes calculated?

The algorithms and equations that are made to determine the levels shown on each lane are based on fibonacci calculations. There are two principle components that make up the ingredients for the trading signals.

The first is seven linear weighted fibbonacci levels. Of theses seven the three most important are represented by red, green and black discs with the other three shown as price levels. The second is the level of orange layering (often referred to as band shades). These are based on previous price movement on each particular time frame. The point of change between two colours is a significant barrier and the level is shown at the change.

The most important element is the dynamic nature of both of these elements. This is possible because the levels are recalculated with every tick. This means that the levels themselves always reflect the latest market situation allowing you to reflect any market changes that take place and compensate accordingly.

Forecasting price movement and showing developing forex trading signals

Tige_TimeLanes When brought together trading signals are created through the patterns that are formed on the grids. The time frames on the default version cover the shorter time frames 1, 5, 15 and 60 minutes and so are predominantly used for scalping strategies. When price action and current market conditions are factored in by the trader the signals that are provided become extremely powerful with certain patterns achieving success strike rates of 70 to 80%.

The two principle components of the Tiger TimeLanes are the levels marked by disks and the line of demarcation between two shades of orange layers provide levels of support and resistance. Although at first glance you might think that the grid looks very complicated, it is in fact based on the simple principle of support and resistance. When several of these levels combine over different time frames the stronger the level of support or resistance is at that point. So if, when looking at a grid for a particular pair you see the levels in and around the same price point on all four time frames then that indicates a relatively strong area of support or resistance.

In addition, price and the one minute boxes are, in a ranging market, fairly close together. If price breaks out then the one minute disc 1 and 2 quickly follow. If prices moves too far away from these two boxes then it is usually an indication that the market is over extended. Either price will have to spring back toward the disk or it will have to hold while the boxes catch up. Imagine price being on a piece of elastic attached to the one minute box one. If however, price completely runs away from the one minute disks then the probability is that a significant move in the market is happening (imagine the elastic breaking). Instead of looking for retracements we should, in this scenario, be searching for entries to go with the price.

This is just the very basics, the patterns that are formed on the matrix grids by the box positions and the band shades provide a multitude of trading opportunities. Indeed these patterns themselves create a pattern in the order in which they are formed. This is particularly powerful as it can tell you where in the price cycle you actually are.

Tiger TimeLanes

When loaded the TimeLanes, both the TimeLanes matrix grid for the tiger charts, sit on the chart of the appropriate currency pair. The TimeLanes matrix shows four time-frames. The 1min, 5min, 15min and 1HR. This set up is ideal for watching how the price movement between various pairs correlates and provides pinpoint entries to your trades.

In addition by building on top of charts, we are able to utilize additional functions such as one-click trading directly from each TimeLane matrix so reducing the required screen real-estate.

We have a full training library available to enable you to get the most out of the TimLanes.

Using the software

The forex TimeLanes is a powerful piece of software which, if used correctly, can be a license to print money. Learning to use them is actually fairly simply, especially because we have produced a comprehensive training library of over 20 videos that accompanies the TimeLanes. The videos explain every detail of how to set up and use the TimeLanes, as well as covering all the most commonly used trading set ups. In addition, there are hundreds of companion videos that show examples of all the different set ups being taken in live trading situations.

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