Trade Copier

"Forex Traders Corp is a group of very genuine traders dedicated in teaching their systems. Each day they call a series of trades which invariably give in excess of a total 100 pips. The trades are called live in real time. With each call, a full explanation is offered so each member if the room can understand reason for its call...." Chris Miller

Take trades when not at your desk

Take advantage of moderators trade calls when you are not in the Trading Center.

There are lots of traders who for one reason or another are unable to be in the trade room as much as they would wish. We have been developing a solution to enable our members who are unable to be in the trade to still be able to benefit from the trades taken.

We have done this by developing a trade copier, It will copy trades taken by moderators during the course of the trading day allowing you to benefit from their calls even when you are busy with other commitments.

The Copier is available FREE to all our members

Our copier facility is designed to help our Trading Center members benefit from some of the trades taken in the trade room and as such, it is currently only exclusively available to them for FREE.

The copier software iteself uses the MT4 platform to mirror the trades. As with all copy trading, reducing latency to a minimum is very important. The best way to ensure this is to use the same broker as that of the master platform, i.e. the platform hat initiates the trades. Our master platform is held through our IC Markets so, in order to take advantage of the copier, you will need an IC markets MT4 account also be with them. In addition to reducing the latency, this also allows us to provide the service for FREE as we want to provide as much value as possible to our clients. IC Markets is a highly reputable broker with a great reputation of looking after their clients. They are regulated by ASIC, Australian Financial Services and have fully client segregated funds. In addition, as they are based in Australia, you can circumvent the new European ESMA rules and continue to trade with pre 1st August 2018 leverages.

Although not a requirement, it is advisable, although not crucial, that you run tundshe IC Markets MT4 on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Don’t worry this is not as scary as it sounds, it is just a virtual computer that is always on so that you don’t miss any trades. There are many options but we suggest that you use a FREE VPS from Amazon (AWS). It is reasonably simple to set up but if in doubt Admin will walk you through the process. You do not have to use a VPS but it will mean having your own computer running for long periods. The likelihood is that copier trades will be confined to 8.00am to 4.00pm UK time.

Please note, the Trade Copier is in its infancy. Currently only the longer term trades in the trade room will be copied this is because not all the moderators use MT4 to trade and in highly volatile markets the copied results of short term scalping trades can be subject to slippage. However, as the software improves we will gradually increase the amount trades that are sent to the copier.

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